What We Teach


We currently live in a time where the breakup of the nuclear family and the digital age have made personal relationships nonexistent. As a result, there is no one to effectively communicate with in regards to thoughts, feelings and struggles. At Quest Discipleship Ministries you will learn to develop personal relationships in a group setting through open, honest and transparent communication with persons who struggle with the same struggles you struggle with – mainly sexual purity.


Once you learn to effectively communicate with others in a group setting, you develop meaningful relationships that lead to accountability partnerships. Through accountability you are able to lean on others to help you navigate through the difficult times to prevent relapse into your sexually addictive, compulsive and dysfunctional behaviors.


When you have established the basics of effectively communicating your thoughts, feelings and struggles with someone you trust, and develop meaningful accountability relationships, purity is possible. Not only is purity possible, but it is also sustainable when you have an army of believers who walk with you. You’re never alone in your struggle.


Friendship Church
17741 Fairlawn Av. Prior Lake, MN. 55372
6:30-8pm Tuesday evenings in the church basement

Sermon Series

All topics are selected from the books listed below.

One Time Session, One Topic

This may be a Saturday morning Men’s Ministry Event, Couple’s Event or a Sunday morning church sermon.

One Time Session, Multiple Topics

  • Men’s Retreat (Day or Weekend)
  • Couple’s Retreat (Day or Weekend)
  • Youth Retreat (Day or Weekend)
  • Book 1: How to Reclaim God’s Perfect Design for Sex & Relationships
    • God’s Design for a Fulfilling Relationship
    • Temptation Can Lead to Sin… And You Know the Rest of the Story
    • Becoming a Slave to Your Own Mind
    • Denial Gets You Nowhere
    • Steps to Remain Pure in an Oversexed Society
    • Knowing What You’re Up Against & How to Confront It
  • Book 2: How to Overcome the Past that Triggers Your Problems
    • Recognize Your Family’s Brand of Crazy
    • Don’t Underestimate the Damage of Divorce
    • How to Resolve Conflict & Live in Peace
    • How to Forgive the Unforgivable
    • Don’t Let the Seed of Anger Go Unchecked
    • How Perfectionism Prevents Purity
  • Book 3: How to Heal, Grow Spiritually & Live in Freedom
    • What it Means to Rely on God’s Strength & How to Do It
    • Run the Race to Win the Crown of Purity
    • We Must Be Accountable to One Another & God
    • How to Make Your House Spiritually Fireproof
    • How to Come Back After a Fall
    • How Brokenness Leads to Healing