Dr. John R. Cionca

"In The Quest for Purity, Author David Jernander admits the weakness of trying to fight the Tempter and Accuser in one’s own strength. He insightfully connects the dots of isolation and an unforgiving spirit as contributors to living in bondage vs freedom, to living in the past vs experiencing the future. Admitting our sin, seeking counsel, and living transparently with supportive friends brings peace and joy to life. Jernander was and is fortunate to have a sympathetic marriage partner who draws him closer to God. Rather than shaming David, Renee lovingly lifted up Jesus as our Source of strength and victory. In addition, David understood the need for friends with whom to live in accountability. He emphasizes the need for camaraderie with other men for healthy Christian development (in general), and for victory over sexual temptation (in particular). David writes as one who has known the entrapment of sexual sin and has experience the victory over this temptation. His counsel for victory is the application of biblical truth, as exampled in the life of Jesus and in the lives our first parents, and applied to our own personal lives."

Greg A. Stratford

"David, I want to thank you for the good work you are doing through Quest Discipleship Ministries. There is such a great need in our world, for tools to help us regain control over our lives, as the world, the flesh and the devil continuously sow lies onto our minds. Specifically, in the area of the use of pornography, and its addictive nature. Our family attempted to intervene in the life of our son in-law, and his extreme addiction to pornography. I obtained the three-volume Quest workshop resource material and, although I did not attend the weekly meetings with my son in-law, I did closely read through all of the materials, in an effort to better dialogue with him as we navigated through this challenging time. I personally found these course materials to be incredibly insightful, hugely informative, and biblically based. They are an integral piece in the Quest program that provides a potential way through a very destructive pattern of behavior. I can whole heartedly affirm and endorse David Jernander, Quest Discipleship Ministries, and the resource materials therein as one of the most effective programs that provide help, healing and freedom from the incredibly devastating scourge of pornography in our world."

S. R.

"The Quest for Purity material (3 books) that I have read through, and studied in a class setting with David, has helped me a lot in understanding that my issues with pornography and masturbation is an addiction. I have learned that chemicals are released in my body, much like drug or alcohol addictions. David’s material has helped me to realize that the only way to overcome the addiction in my life is to put it in the hands of God through his son Jesus Christ. Through Christ working in me, with me and through me I have been doing great with staying away from this sin issue in my life. I also have been taught that I need the armor of God to protect me from the devil and his minions who want me to fall. David’s material also helps with other issues in my life, especially marital issues and understanding what Gods view of marriage is supposed to be in my life. The material is great! We are going through it a second time to learn more from his material, and specifically focus on answering the questions at the end of each chapter. Too many men are silent when it comes to this sin issue. I hope and pray for more men letting their problem be known to love ones and friends, and getting the help the Quest for Purity series provides."

Scott T.

"Quest does a great job of providing guidance on how to deal with an individual’s sinful behaviors that bring pain into their lives and impact their personal purity. The ministry helps you to understand what painful experiences from the past impact our behaviors and thought patterns in the present. Finally, the ministry provides clear Biblical insight on how to gain freedom from our sins:  First, by bringing these areas of sin in our lives into God’s light through confession.  And, second, by repenting and changing our lives through a transformed personal relationship with Jesus Christ based on truth, trust, and accountability."

D. H.

"I was not familiar with Quest Discipleship Ministries and the Quest for Purity workbooks. After hearing David's sermon on sexual purity, I was compelled to attend, and I felt it would help strengthen my relationship with my fiancée. What I've learned is that the struggle against sexual sin is an ongoing battle, and I can’t do it alone because I will fail. Prayer is a vital weapon against this sin. I recognized the role that generational sin has shaped my current relationships. I learned the importance of forgiving the people in my past who have caused me harm. By using these study guides in a group setting, they gave me a more in depth understanding on the topics and how to translate them to my daily life by clothing myself in the full armor of God, then and only then, will I achieve victory over sin. I am grateful to have been a part of our study group and look forward to continuing our future studies in the Quest for Purity."

Bill T.

"The Quest program is a great, God-centered, fact-based curriculum that brings together His truths with our feelings, our past, and our pain.  The workbooks, presentations, and study questions all focus on God’s plan for purity in our lives, our departures from that plan, and explore many of the root causes and outcomes.  Regardless of our path – God is a loving God, and through our salvation in Jesus we are redeemed! Thank you, Father God, for bringing your truth and inspiration to Dave Jernander and the Quest Ministry! Truly changing my life!"